Dark Room Studios Fall 2023 + Spring 2024 Student Releases

Every year Dark Room Studios release music from their department on to various streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, etc.). Since 2022 they have had alumni Zach Kranz assisting with producing/recording students along with alumni Aaron Andries. Five songs are recorded in the fall and five in the spring. The Music Business and Entrepreneurship students are involved with these – making this part of their educational experience.. All the songs recorded in the fall have been released onto streaming platforms with the songs recorded this spring set to release this summer. The following 5 songs were released over the last 5 weeks:

1. “I’m Fine” by Marina Menconi (released March 29) | Genre: Singer/Songwriter

2. “In My Head” by Hana Cunningham (released April 5) | Genre: Pop/Contemporary

3. “Butterflies” by Haven Beyer (released April 12) | Genre: Singer/Songwriter

4. “Work of Art” by Jade Bundhund (released April 19) | Genre: Pop

5. “In the Dark” by Marina Menconi (released April 26) | Genre: Singer/Songwriter

All the songs (with links to Spotify and Apple Music) can be found here: https://linktr.ee/darkroomstudios_ju

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