Announcement Regarding the Vision for University Ministries

President Crume is pleased to announce the vision for growing University Ministries at Judson University. 

Roger Simmons will move into an expanded role as the Assistant Vice President for Spiritual Development.  Roger’s work will includes overseeing spiritual development initiatives for students, faculty and staff; continuing his work in Academic Affairs such as consulting with faculty, teaching classes and serving as the Faculty Athletic Representative; and continuing to work with intercultural development initiatives at Judson. Roger will serve as a regular Chapel speaker, and he will also be a new member of the University Cabinet.

Tim Kindberg will be promoted to Executive Director of University Ministries.  Tim will continue to oversee all aspects of Chapel, Chapel production and assist with University events.  He will also serve a key role in campus spiritual development. 

Judson alumna Jenna Zelm will be returning to campus as the Coordinator of Discipleship.  Jenna will be responsible for consulting with students, faculty, staff and coaches to develop plans, programs and initiatives to help deepen the spiritual commitment of the entire campus community. 

Roger, Tim and Jenna will report to President Crume, and they will work together to lead our campus spiritual development efforts.  Jenna will start her new role at Judson on May 1, and the new roles for Roger and Tim will begin June 1.

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