IST Announcements

As a reminder, IST is going to be instituting the forced password reset as required by our audit last year. Many have been sent direct emails if they have not reset their password, but if anyone has not reset their password within the last 90 days, please reset your password by going to the following address: 

Recently, there have also been a couple of emails regarding offering jobs. Please be aware that these are phishing emails, and should not be given any information. As a reminder, Judson will not send job opportunities via email unprompted. Often these job offerings will also include that they are work from home, offer cash, and want you to provide bank information, personal information, etc. If you have provided any of this information via email, please reach out to IST for assistance with changing your password and making sure your account is secure.

Lastly, if anyone has a Judson computer, please continue to restart your computer at least every other week or ideally every week. 

If there are any questions, or any assistance is needed for any of the above, please reach out to IST either via email, phone or in person listed below:

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