Alumni Awards Announced for 2023

Judson University will honor alumni for exemplary work in their career, churches, and communities during Homecoming & Family Weekend 2023, September 29-30.  

The individuals will be acknowledged with the Alumnus of the Year honor, Distinguished Alumni Awards, and the Family Legacy Award during a special Alumni Banquet on Friday, September 29, in the Reed Room, Lindner Tower, 1151 N. State St., Elgin.

The Alumnus of the Year Award goes to Benjamin Glunz, ’10 / ’12, for making significant contributions to the Church and to society.

The 2023 Distinguished Alumni Award winners are Rev. Elliot Anderson, Anne Davies, Tracey Miller, and Michael Smith for their outstanding contributions to their profession and community as they model excellence in their vocation.

Finally, the 2023 Family Legacy Award will be presented to the Thompson family.

Benjamin Glunz graduated from Judson University with both his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (2010) with an Urban Design Concentration, as well as his Master of Architecture (2012), Traditional Architecture and Urbanism. Since his time at Judson, Benjamin has become a prominent figure in the field of architecture and technology. He currently serves on the Judson University Board of Trustees and was co-founder of Judson University’s Jerry’s Café.

In addition to his involvement with Judson University, Benjamin Glunz is a visionary entrepreneur and CEO of multiple successful ventures. In 2010, he founded Anguleris Technologies, LLC with a vision of innovating the way that architects, engineers, and other building professionals discover and select building products throughout the building design process. Since then, Anguleris has become a globally recognized industry leader through its network of platforms, including BIMsmith® and Swatchbox®. Benjamin has led Anguleris through a successful expansion into Europe, with European headquarters in central London and offices in Milan, Italy, as well as the successful acquisition of the San Francisco-based architecture inspiration platform Modlar in 2021. The Anguleris network of platforms equips millions of architects around the world to more seamlessly design with critical information that impacts the entire building lifecycle. The Anguleris global headquarters are located in Elgin, IL, less than three miles from Judson University’s Elgin campus. Since 2010, Anguleris has employed more than 100 Judson University students and graduates.

Benjamin and his lovely wife, Judson Alumna Cherise (Taber) Glunz ’13, live in Pennsylvania with their son, Walter.

Rev. Elliott Anderson graduated from Judson College in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Through his time at the college, Elliot began as an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Pastor to Faculty and Staff. His extensive background in crisis and trauma, identity formation, addiction, and more have allowed him to address the diverse needs of those seeking guidance and healing. Additionally, Elliott has taken on serval pivotal roles within the university, including serving as the Wellness Center Director, Vice President for Student Development, Wilson Hall Resident Director, and the Men’s Baseball and Basketball Coach. He is also a member of Judson’s Athletic Hall of Fame, still holding records for assists and steals in basketball from when he was studying at Judson.

Elliott and his wife, Angie, a fellow Judson graduate, both have an appreciation for family and shared faith values. They are parents of four children and licensed foster parents. Together, throughout the years, they have opened their home to over 40 students, alumni, and missionaries and created a supportive and welcoming environment for those in need.

Anne Davies graduated from Judson University in 1978 with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Relations, followed by a Master of Science in Education with a focus on Counselor Education from Northern IL University in 1981. Anne is a native of Green Bay, Wisconsin, who grew up in a Christian home and felt called to missionary work.

Anne’s passion for helping others and her dedication to international students led her to serve as a Guidance Counselor at the King’s Academy in Seymour, TN. This experience deepened her commitment to missions, and in 1984, she embarked on her first mission trip, solidifying her calling. In 1996, Anne’s unwavering dedication led to her appointment as an English teacher at the Center of Culture & Light, the first public library in Gaza, Palestine. There, she developed her profound love for helping refugees while fostering connections beyond the classroom. Subsequently, Anne served in Rome, Italy, working with refugees from diverse backgrounds, followed by Paris, France, where she taught French and English to immigrant women primarily from North Africa.

This is only a snippet of Anne’s remarkable career that spanned seven countries over 24 years, embodying the essence of a missionary. Her unwavering commitment to providing compassionate care for others reflects her commitment to serving God. She considers it an honor to serve God and refugees, being the hands and feet of Jesus in tangible ways.

Tracy Scott Miller is a 1986 graduate of Judson University with a degree in Computer Information Science. He later received a Certificate of Leadership, Executive Leadership from Yale School of Management in 2008. Beginning his career at IBM by bringing the first IBM network and front office-based solutions to market.  Tracy later joined Judson University as a Database Management instructor while continuing his work at IBM. Throughout his professional journey, Tracy helped lead teams at global companies such as Fujitsu, Amdocs, Infogix, Inc., Sutherland, and Concentrix in their global networking, business operations and customer engagement. Today, Tracy serves as the Senior Vice President for Strategic Account Management of Qualfon Group, a performance-driven company that is committed to helping brands improve customer engagement, generate more revenue, and increase customer loyalty. Tracy embraces his faith and incorporates it into his professional life through “His Way at Work,” an initiative within Qualfon that assists other companies in applying similar values and principles in their operations.

Tracy and his wife Melissa have been married for 34 years, are proud parents and grandparents, and live in Highland Village in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  Their commitment to family values and faith is reflected in their active involvement at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, where they serve in leadership roles and have completed the Training Program offered by Dallas Theological Seminary and Southern Seminary.

Dr. Michael Smith graduated from Judson University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and a concentration in History.  He furthered his academic pursuits at Aurora University, earning both a Master of Science and a Doctor of Education in educational administration. He had a remarkable journey in the field of education, spanning over 23 years. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dr. Smith is a devoted member of the community and a beacon of inspiration to colleagues, students, and aspiring educators alike.

He left a powerful mark on West Aurora School District 129. Currently serving as the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Dr. Smith oversees collective bargaining agreements with five unions representing the district’s dedicated employees. His role also encompasses important tasks such as hiring nearly 1,800 staff members, solidifying his pivotal position within the district’s organizational structure. As a member of the Superintendent’s Executive Leadership Team, Dr. Smith provides invaluable input on district initiatives and plays a vital role in making strategic management decisions. Effective as of July 1, 2024, Dr. Smith will assume the role of Superintendent, marking the next chapter in his illustrious career at West Aurora School District #129.

The Thompson Family will be presented with the 2023 Family Legacy Award.

Thanks to the guidance and care of their parents, Gordon and Doris Lee, five of the six Thompson siblings had the opportunity to attend Judson. Three of their spouses are also Judson alumni. Members of the Thompson family who have continued the Judson legacy are David Thompson, Dana & Carol (Gerdes) Thompson, Donna Thompson Matthews, Trace & Denise (Thompson) Tucker, Don & Marcia (Stuck) Thompson and Diane Thompson Shea.

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