Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

As a recipient of federal aid and federal grants, Judson University certifies under the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 that it will take steps to provide a drug-free workplace and educational environment. The possession, use, consumption, sale, dispensing, distribution, or manufacture of alcohol or controlled substances is prohibited on University property while conducting University business or as a part of University activities.

To support this goal, the Judson University Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy is linked to this message. Several key components of this comprehensive policy include:

  • The policy applies to all students, staff, and faculty members of Judson University.
  • Judson University prohibits the use of alcohol or illegal drugs by students or employees while on campus property or while conducting University business off-campus.
  • The policy outlines under what conditions the University may require drug and/or alcohol testing of students or employees, including pre-employment drug testing for certain designated positions as well as drug and alcohol testing of employees involved in vehicle collisions while driving on University business. Judson University may require drug and/or alcohol testing of students or employees if there is reasonable suspicion the individual has recently used illegal drugs or alcohol but does not conduct random drug testing.
  • The policy specifies that employees who are convicted for drug or alcohol-related misdemeanors must report any such convictions to their supervisor and Human Resources within five days of the conviction.
  • The policy outlines sanctions for policy violations for students and employees including legal penalties and consequences to student federal financial aid eligibility.
  • The policy identifies health risks associated with drug and alcohol use and abuse of prescription drugs.
  • The policy identifies on and off-campus resources for help with drug or alcohol abuse.

If you have any questions, please contact Nick Salzmann at [email protected].

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