DCWPA Creates New Dark Room Studio

Demoss Center for Worship in the Performing Arts is at work creating Dark Room Studios 3 this semester. Dr. Warren Anderson wrote recently about how he was “reminded anew of how God has blessed us here at Judson and in the DCWPA.” Dr. Anderson writes that this third studio, DRS-C, is in the build-out phase, with studs on the walls waiting to be filled with insulation and covered with drywall. 

The studio will serve as a podcast studio, one able also to record videos and small music ensembles.  Initially, the brainchild of several colleague profs from across campus — most notably, Prof. Cliff Boggs in Business and Dr. Keith Drew in Math, both of whom provided initial funding and equipment — this studio will serve the entire campus and continue to support Judson’s education-technology advances, especially those of professors embracing the “flipped classroom” model, increasingly being utilized in college campuses to facilitate richer classroom dialogues: Click HERE.

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