IST Updates

As IST continues to update infrastructure, and works to improve the overall user experience for Students, Staff, and Faculty, there are a few updates that are listed below that will affect most people on campus if not all.

  • Across campus, you may notice posters that communicate some tips to improve Wi-Fi, but also a way to submit tickets. As always, please let IST know where the issue is (both building and room), and when (day and time) the issues are occurring so we can troubleshoot better.
  • As we approach the Holidays, and wind down from the semester, now is a perfect time to both continue restarting laptops (for staff and faculty who have Judson owned laptops), and to make sure that all phones have updated operating systems as well. In addition to this, staff and faculty who have Judson laptops may also see a prompt to restart when there is an update as well.
  • IST will be changing the look of all the printer screens so that it is more user-friendly. Anyone who was on campus previously may remember that we had 3 boxes after you logged in (one that says the release, one that says device functions, and one that says scan). We will be moving back to that format, and if there are any questions please reach out to IST.
  • IST is also working on updating the phone systems that the current phones use. While there is not a defined date, IST wants to make sure that everyone is aware that unfortunately with this conversion all voicemails will be deleted. Please take this time to go through any voicemails that are currently outstanding. IST will be reaching each building as we transition to the new system prior to any changes being made.
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