Helpful Tips for Improving Wi-Fi Across Campus

When connecting to the internet, wired connections are always the best method. All dorm rooms and offices should already have dedicated wired connections. These wired connections are faster and more consistent than Wi-Fi, in addition to freeing up Wi-Fi for devices that can only use Wi-Fi.

If you do not have a wired ether port on your laptop or need an ethernet cable, adapters, and cables, visit the campus bookstore or order from online. If the wired network connection is not working in a specific dorm or office, please submit a Helpdesk ticket (either via email at [email protected] or via the helpdesk website specifying what building and room number you are having the problem in.

If you do need to use Wi-fi there is a fairly simple way to improve your Wi-Fi connection just about anywhere on campus. When connecting to Wi-Fi first turn OFF your Wi-Fi for about 15 seconds then turn it back on and connect to the network again, this will connect you to the closest Wireless Access Point (WAP). If you have issues with finding how to turn Wi-Fi on/off, please reach out to IST for assistance at either the above-mentioned helpdesk site or call 847-628-5040 if it is urgent.

The reason this simple thing helps so much is computers, phones, and tablets have the bad habit of being “sticky” to the WAP that they are already connected to even though you have moved and there is a better signal for your current location. This will also help regardless of whether the device is owned by Judson or not. With the recent upgrades to the WAPs in each building, there should be plenty of WAPs to cover the classrooms and the various devices in the buildings.

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