Congratulations Shark Tank Finalists

Congratulations to the top five Shark Tank contestants who will compete as finalists on November 17 for the grand prize of $1,000 cash! Congratulations to:
Maximillian Fortun with his awesome idea of Student Marketplace; 
Caroline Johnson with her astonishing idea of Dream Design; 
Ethan Kohl with his amazing idea of Housing Central Nervous System; 
PG Nkalang’ango with his exciting idea of Drip Rental; and 
Riley Yinger with his incredible idea of Radial Instantaneous Bullet-proof Shield (R.I.B.S).
Please come support these #JudsonAwesome entrepreneurs as they present their “sharktastic” ideas to a panel of judges on November 17 at 7:00 p.m. in Herrick Chapel. “Sea” you there!

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