Stop by Judson’s Table at the Elgin Farmers Market

Several program areas of Judson will host a table at the Elgin Farmers Market on Fridays this summer and fall. Today, Judson’s Admissions Office will have a table to raise awareness of Judson’s programs. The following program areas will have a table on the following dates:

June 24 – Judson’s Bike Shop and Judson Spirit Store (John Ashworth and Bryan Flickema)

July 15 – Judson Admissions (Stephanie Layne)

July 22 – Judson’s Bike Shop (John Ashworth)

August 12 – Judson’s Adult Program (Tonya White)

Sept. 30 – Judson’s Masters of Arts in Community Music (Dr. Sojung Hong).

Oct. 14 – Judson’s World Leaders Forum (Julie Schmidt)

If you would like to have a table for your program area, please contact Mary Dulabaum ( to coordinate an available date with the Downtown Neighborhood Association. For more information about the Elgin Farmers Market, please see this link:

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