Judson to Close July 1 and 4 for Independence Day

Judson University will observe the Fourth of July Holiday on Friday, July 1, and Monday, July 4. As a gift, Judson University is giving July 1 off to staff so they can enjoy an extra-long July 4 weekend! This gift extends to those employees who work less than 30 hours a week and do not get holidays. These employees will receive July 1 as paid time off.  Please note: There will be an email to supervisors on how to code the July 1 Gift into Paycom.

Compensation for the Fourth of July Holiday will be as follows:
Exempt employees will be paid their agreed-upon salary for the day. 

Full-Time Non-Exempt employees who work 30 hours per week or more are eligible for holiday pay on Monday, July 4.  We ask that managers work with the employees to determine the best way to schedule the remaining hours to meet their full-time schedule. 

Please enjoy your July 4 weekend with family and friends!

Judson July 4 Parade
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