Join J.U.M.P. Mentoring!

Calling all Judson students! Are you looking for a way to make connections in your career field? Are you seeking guidance or advice and would like to benefit from building your professional network through mentorship?

Judson students are invited to join the Judson University Mentoring Program, aka J.U.M.P! J.U.M.P. is a professional development group led by Judson Alumni and spearheaded by members of the Alumni Career Mentoring committee and the Judson Alumni Board. This program’s mission is to provide mentoring and guidance to recent graduates and current students, and to connect students to Judson Alumni in a meaningful way. J.U.M.P empowers students to build relationships with Judson Alumni to help grow their faith, careers, relationships, leadership styles and more!

As a mentee, you will:
• Receive insight and career guidance from Judson alumni
• Develop and enhance professional and communication skills
• Connect your academics to your career goals
• Explore faith in relation to your work
• Gain exposure to career options, advice, and job search tips
• Build a professional relationship with your Alumni mentor

To sign up simply visit:

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