Complete your Stewardship Day Requirement

Everything that takes place at Judson University is made possible through the generosity and service of others. As a campus community, we honor that generosity and service by showing our gratitude to one another. Saying “thank you” is an action that shows our sincere appreciation and acts as a sign of respect to all members of the Judson community.

If you are a student scholarship recipient who has yet to complete a note of thanks to your scholarship donor, you should have already received several emails from [email protected]. First, check your inbox for these emails, then please plan to stop by the second floor of the Administration Building to complete your thank you card prior to April 29! If you are a scholarship recipient who has already completed your card, please disregard this notice.

Additional details will be sent via email to any student who has yet to complete their note of thanks! If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Kleczynski at [email protected].

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