Judson Information Systems and Technology Updates

Network Upgrades & Outages:
Judson’s Information Systems and Technology Department will be working on replacing network equipment over the next couple of weeks and months. These upgrades will require temporary outages (no access to the network, phone, or wifi), but will only be for a short time. The impacted areas will be communicated to letting them know the exact date and time.

Office 365 Notice:
During Spring Break all faculty, staff, and students will have multi-factor authentication turned on for their Office 365 accounts (if not turned on currently). You can expect to be prompted to set up a validation confirmation option when accessing your Office 365 account online the next time. Also, if you are currently using a mobile app for your Judson email, you may be prompted for an app password which will be provided to you during the Office 365 online multifactor authentication setup process. A link will be provided with more detailed instructions in the next edition of Campus Announcements.

Security Tip: Eliminate Distractions
Plenty of cybersecurity attacks prey not on firewalls or antivirus protections but on the individual. Phishing scams and social engineering attacks rely on access being mistakenly granted by an employee, usually because they’re not paying close attention. Given that there are far more distractions at home than in an office, these attacks are much more successful with remote workers than in-office ones. In fact, a 2020 study among employees found that 47 percent of those who admitted to clicking on a phishing link attributed the mistake to being distracted.

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