Christmas Theme Novel Now Available

Judson’s Pastor to Faculty and Staff and Psychology Professor Elliott Anderson has published a new book in time for Christmas. His romance novel, The Return Home, is available on Amazon. The novel has a Christmas setting and a Christmas theme cover created by Judson Alumna Gabrielle Gizzi.  

Here is a synopsis of the novel: Ryan Miller is a successful CEO with everything money and position afforded him. When his father dies, a week before Christmas, and before the two men could reconcile, Ryan must return to Sugar Grove to bury his father and deal with his past. Heather Hayes is Vice President of Human Resources at North Pole Candy Company, which Ryan’s grandfather founded and for which Ryan’s father was the recent CEO. A divorced single mother of a precocious five-year-old son, Heather is also best friends with Ryan’s younger sister. A decade earlier, Ryan and Heather had almost married, but following the painful breakup, the two drifted apart and haven’t spoken to each other in years. “The return home” for the funeral, during North Pole’s week of Christmas contests, includes startling revelations concerning Ryan’s father, Heather’s ex-husband, and a yearning for a family in need of redemption, reconciliation, and renewal.

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