1098-T Electronic Consent – Opt-In by January 1

Judson University has partnered with Heartland ECSI for sending your 1098-T Tuition Statement electronically this year. If you would like to receive your 1098-T form electronically, please give your consent by following the link provided below and following the step-by-step instructions. 1098-T’s will be provided by the end of January 2022. Electronic consent requests are due by January 1, 2022. If we do not receive your electronic consent, your 1098-T will be mailed to the current address on file. 1098-T Electronic Consent: https://heartland.ecsi.net/index.main.html#/access/eConsent

The benefits to receiving electronic notification are:
• Online delivery provides access to the form 1098-T earlier than the traditional mailing process.
• Online delivery eliminates the chance that the 1098-T will get lost, misdirected, or delayed during delivery, or misplaced once the student receives it.
• Signing up for online delivery is easy and secure.
• Students can receive their 1098-T form while traveling or away from their home address.

To give consent to receive your 1098-T form electronically, click on the link below and follow the simple instructions to sign up!
• Visit https://heartland.ecsi.net/index.main.html#/access/eConsent
• Follow the step-by-step instructions on the web form.
• Check the box and click submit. It’s that easy! If you have any questions, please visit http://www.ecsi.net/taxinfo.html for information regarding your tax documents and to obtain contact information for Heartland ECSI.

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