Understand Our Check-Out Procedures for Christmas Break

Students are asked to vacate the residence halls before December 12 at 12:00 p.m. after their room has been checked. Students were asked to attend a mandatory meeting prior to finals week to go over the December check-out procedures and to receive a key envelope. Before checking out for the break, students must place their keys into the key envelope and put them in the black box outside of their resident director’s door. Students who do not turn in their keys will be fined. Prior to leaving, students should check for the following items: 

•    Rooms must be cleaned to room check standards (room straightened, bathroom wiped down, surfaces wiped down, trash taken out, kitchen cleaned, and dishes done if applicable).
•    No open food items, or food items that can spoil are left in their room or in their fridges.
•    All items needed for over the break are packed and ready to take with them, including textbooks that have been rented or other important items. (Residence halls are completely closed over the break period, so students will not have any access to their rooms.)

For questions regarding December check out, please have your student reach out to their resident director (listed below). Residence Halls will re-open for students to begin checking back in on Tuesday, December 11 at 9:00 a.m. 

Ohio Hall – Melissa Hoegh ([email protected])
Wilson Hall – Cas Vela ([email protected])
Lindner Tower – Hannah Garratt ([email protected])
Volkman Hall – McKenna Haas ([email protected])

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