Thanksgiving Break Meal Information

The Dining Hall, Riverside Cafe, and Jerry’s Cafe will be closed during the Thanksgiving Break, from Wednesday, November 24, through Saturday, November 28. The Dining Hall will be closed for breakfast and lunch on Sunday, November 29, but will re-open for dinner for normal mealtime hours.

If you are staying on campus, here are several different options you can select from to ensure you have things to eat while the Dining Hall is closed.

•    Students will have the option to select a family-style “to go” tray, once a day, one tray per student. The to-go tray will be picked up frozen. Students can pick these up by calling Campus Safety to let them into the back entrance of the Dining Hall. They are located in the walk-in freezer and can be picked up once daily. Any student wishing to stay on campus and utilize this meal option should fill out the Thanksgiving Meal form by November 10. 
•    Our Feed the Eagles food store will be open on Monday and Tuesday of that week during normal Spirit Store hours. Food is offered there at a discounted rate. If students are unable to afford the cost of the food in the store, they should contact Aubree Flickema at [email protected] for a voucher. The food offered at the store is shelf-stable, and students should note to make sure they are stocking up for the days without Dining Hall access before it closes on Wednesday.

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