Can We Contact You?

Students Accounts would love to contact you! Do we have your correct address?

If you’re continuing your program, we’d love to be able to provide you with campus happenings, 1098-T tax forms, and other information to share with you and your family. If you’re leaving or graduating: Diplomas are sent to your address on file, as are 1098-T tax forms and helpful alumni information will come to you via the U.S. mail. If you leave with a balance, we need to stay in contact with you until your balance is paid in full.

Note: Your address and other contact information does NOT get sold, leased, or rented out to marketing firms unless you’ve given us approval. To check your address and make updates:

Login to MyJudson (
Click on your picture in the upper right-hand corner
‘Click on My Profile & Settings
Click Contact Information
Click the Down Arrow on the Address tab
Click Current Address
Make any updates and Save

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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