Not Receiving Important Judson Emails?

Do you have your Judson email forwarded to a personal email account, such as Gmail or Yahoo? Then you may be missing out on important information from your professors or the University.

Microsoft has recently updated their policy on external forwarding for your safety and protection. However, this may cause your messages to not get through to your forwarded inbox. To keep your email secure and prevent identity theft, make sure to monitor your Judson email instead of forwarding it. You can easily access your Judson email by going to or through the MyJudson portal.

Also, we have experienced several phishing scams that use Judson emails. Have a healthy suspicion of possible job opportunities sent to you. Before clicking on any of the links, verify the legitimacy of the offer by contacting the sender using a new email message and searching for the name through Judson’s directories. Do not simply reply to that email as it could continue the scam.

Judson will notify you of job opportunities that become available on campus by using the signature line of News and Events or including the posts in Campus Announcements. You can also verify the legitimacy of Judson’s job opportunities as they will be listed on the Employment page of

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