The RISE Program Welcomes RISE UP

The RISE Program is pleased to announce the expansion of the program to include RISE UP (Year 3 and Year 4) beginning this fall semester. Students who have successfully completed the RISE two-year program and received their Certificate of Completion may apply to the RISE UP program. The RISE UP program contains a four-semester plan and includes courses to prepare individuals to live more independently and productively in the community. Students take classes and internships that fit into two areas that address specific issues: living independently and building workplace skills. Students will learn how to take care of a dorm room or apartment without the previous supports of a resident advisor but with the guidance of a Life Coach as their primary mentor. Through on-campus and off-campus paid internships, students will learn how to take public transportation and increase workplace skills in varied internship experiences. The RISE UP Program has been approved by Judson University and the US Department of Education. Due to the approved status of RISE UP as a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP), qualifying students may receive monies through the Federal Pell Grant and the State of Illinois MAP Grant.

RISE Up Mark
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