Plan Now for the Fall Semester Payment Plan

Here is a helpful timeline for traditional students and their families to ensure you have a payment plan for the fall semester.

Now – Early July

1.    Review FALL Statement of Account

2.    Accept Financial Aid Awards
a.    Complete online master promissory note for Ford loans
b.    Complete online entrance counseling for Ford loans
c.    Complete online loan acknowledgment for Ford loans

3.    Apply for parent PLUS loan and complete online master promissory note and loan acknowledgment (you can apply for the full year)

4.    Apply for a private loan, if applicable (you can apply for a full year)

5.    Complete and submit housing application for either off-campus or on campus

6.    Complete medical insurance waiver AND submit current copy of insurance card to Wellness Center

7.    Verify fall meal plan

8.    Request payment from 529 account, if applicable

9.    Set up 4-month FALL payment plan-AUG – NOV
a.    Complete online application on the Student Accounts page of MyJudson
b.    Submit an online application

Five-month payment plans began July 1 and are no longer being approved. 

August 1 or before you move into the dorm (whichever occurs first)

1.       Payment in full is due for the FALL semester

2.      Second payment is due for 5-month payment plans  JULY – NOV

3.      First payment is due for 4-month payment plans  AUG – NOV

August 2 – Late payment fee may be applied to accounts not paid in full or current with an approved payment plan

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