Elgin Campus IST Update

Judson’s IT Department is continuing to replace existing wireless access points across campus to ease the strain on our current WiFi systems due to the pandemic. Replacement/addition of access points is nearing completion in HAWAC. Once these are completed, ESC will begin replacing the access points in the DeMoss Center followed by the Science building.

Remember to be on the lookout for the new “judson.public” and “judson.managed” wireless networks now appearing in the above-mentioned locations as we replace or add new access points. Give them a try!

Other IT initiatives on the horizon will be the scheduling and installation of power backup systems and supporting network hardware beginning with Ohio Hall, Volkman Hall and the Campus Commons. Also, additional campus security cameras will be installed on campus along with updating the current version of camera software.

Please continue to watch News and Events for updates as these upgrades continue throughout the campus. We will communicate in advance of any service interruptions.

Security Tip: Don’t allow technology to make you unaware of your surroundings Everyone with headphones, a smartphone and an MP3 player knows – the minute you are plugged in, you barely exist anymore! You stare at your phone, zoned out; not knowing what is going on around you. This, in essence, is exactly what you should be avoiding. When you start to find yourself becoming unaware of what is going on around you, it is time to consider turning the music down, putting your phone away and opening your eyes to what is happening. The key to getting out of a potentially dangerous situation is to recognize it as such. This is nearly impossible if you aren’t aware of the situation you are already walking into.

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