Students Can Take a Survey and Get a Free Drink at Jerry’s Café

Judson is partnering with the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA to conduct the Diverse Learning Environments (DLE) Survey. This confidential survey is designed to capture perceptions of Judson’s climate, campus practices (as experienced with faculty, staff and peers) and student learning. Diverse student populations are at the center of the survey. Your participation will allow Judson to identify its strengths and challenges, and to compare the Judson student experience to that of other colleges and universities around the country. Most importantly, your participation will allow Judson to identify and begin addressing areas of the Judson student experience that need to be improved.

To say thank you, participating students attending the Elgin campus will be given a Free Drink at Jerry’s Café, while students attending exclusively Online or at the Rockford campus will be given a $5 Gift Card. The survey will be open throughout April so please check your Judson Email for an invitation from [email protected] with subject line “Judson Diverse Learning Environments Survey.”

Thank you for providing your input and helping make Judson a better place!

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