Avoid Incurring Fees on Your Judson Balance

Effective March 15, 2021, all non-traditional students with outstanding balances on their student account older than 30 days will begin to incur carrying charges of 1.3% on their monthly bill.  

Ways to Avoid Carrying Charges:

  • Ensure that you are using all available financial aid. Be sure that you have accepted and are using all available financial aid to pay for your Judson program.  If there is aid available to you and you choose not to use it (i.e., Unsubsidized Loans) or you have not completed all of the required steps and aid has posted to your account, you will be charged carrying charges on the overdue outstanding balance.  Contact Financial Aid if you need help.
  • Pay your balance or request a Payment Plan.  If you do not have a Payment Plan in place for the term (SPR21 is available), request one by going to MyJudson/Student Accounts/Go to Student Billing Checklist and Payment Plan Set Up.  Once you’ve selected a Payment Plan, it will go through the approval process and you will be notified via automated email to your Judson student email account.  Review your plan and the due dates for payments.  Be sure to make your payments on time. There is a $60 charge per term for a Payment Plan.  Payment Plans must be set up by term.
  • Make payments on time.  If you are on a Payment Plan, be sure to check the dates and amounts due on your plan and make those payments on time.  Go to MyJudson/Student Accounts/Go to Student Billing Checklist and Payment Plan Set Up if you need to see your scheduled payments.  Click Go to Online Student Payments on the Student Accounts page under Student Payments and Published Bills to make online payments.  There is a fee assessed by Cashnet of 2.75% if using a debit or credit card.  This is not a Judson fee and cannot be waived.  Paying by Electronic Check does not incur a fee at this time, subject to change (with or without notice).  
  • Stay on top of your employer tuition coverage.   If you are using employer tuition reimbursement while carrying a balance, be sure to pay for your classes when they are due.  Employer tuition reimbursement plans allow for several days after the completion of each class for submission and payment from your employer.  If you submit paperwork late, you will still be responsible for the payment on the due date.  Check your dates by going to MyJudson/Student Accounts/Go to Student Billing Checklist and Payment Plan Set Up.  This is also where you’ll find the Employer Reimbursement Invoice with dates and grades for submission to your employer.  There is a $60 charge per term for using the Employer Tuition Reimbursement Plan.  Employer Tuition Reimbursement Plans must be set up by term.
  • Access private loans to cover your balance.  
    • Elm Select:  You may want to apply for a private loan. These loans require a co-signer with good credit. Visit Elm Select at www.elmselect.com to view the many options for obtaining fixed or variable loans to cover tuition. Select Judson University for the school.
    • Kane County Credit Union:  Contact Jackie Klaisner ([email protected]) or R. Michael Lee ([email protected]) at KCT Credit Union in Elgin, Illinois.  Their phone number is: 888-741-3344 x242 or x260. Be sure to let them know you are a Judson student who is interested in both a financial checkup and obtaining financing for an outstanding student account balance.

View your Student Account balance on your MyJudson regularly to keep current with your billing.  Login to MyJudson (https://myjudson.judsonu.edu) and select Student Accounts from the Menu bar.   Go to Statement of Account and select SPR 2021 to view your current balance.  Any student account questions, email [email protected][email protected], or [email protected]. For financial aid questions, email [email protected].

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