Elgin Campus WiFi Update

The IST team continues its work on replacing WiFi access points across the Elgin campus. The WiFi has been upgraded in Thompson, Creekside, Wilson Hall, and Ohio Hall and we are seeing 3x speed increases. Work continues on upgrading the WiFi in the Betty Lindner Commons, Volkman Hall, and the first three floors of Lindner Tower. Please continue to report occurrences of WiFi issues, especially interruptions during classes or meetings by providing the time and campus location of the incident to https://helpdesk.judsonu.edu/support/home.

On a fun note, a new HD camera was mounted in the Fitness Center to live stream sporting events. IST Security Tip: NEVER Share Your Password! Even if you trust someone, you should never give out your password. Your communications could be intercepted, the other person may write your password down or save it somewhere, or the other person’s computer may be infected with malware. You cannot control what happens to your password after you give it out. The only solution is to never share your password with anyone else, regardless of how much you trust them. No one should ever need your password.

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