Congratulations to the Christmas Decoration Winners

Congratulations to the winners from the “Secret Santa Judges” of the Judson Christmas Decoration Contest. 

                                                         Faculty/Staff                                                Students

Spirit of Christmas Award          Education (Creekside South)                     Spirit Squad (Administration Building)

Most #JudsonAwesome              Browne Library                                         Roeser Leadership Scholars (1st Floor LTOW)

Most Christmas Creative            Registrar’s Office (LTOW 2nd Floor)          Tie:     RISE [and Campus Safety] (Eastview)
Architecture (HAWAC 4th Floor)

Each winning group will receive $200 to use for a January celebration when the campus returns from Christmas break.

Please have your group leader contact Tena Robotham and state your group name when claiming your prize in January. Only one person should contact Tena.

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