Professor Publishes “The Lithium Rush is On”

Judson Professor Dr. Bob Kapheim has published a new book: “The Lithium Rush is On.” Dr. Kapheim is an adjunct science instructor at Judson. The book describes the lithium-ion battery, its uses, the demand for lithium and the worldwide search to find and mine lithium. Lithium was first used in the 1890s for treatment of depression and bi-polar cases. In the 1960s Sony introduced the lithium-ion battery. Because the lithium-ion battery has high density, great storage capacity, flexibility in design and can be recharged the lithium-ion battery became the battery of choice for i-phones, laptops and almost every electronic device from hearing-aid batteries, electric tools to electronic vehicles. Because of the demand for lithium with the arrival of electric cars there is high demand which has caused a rush to find and mine lithium. Therefore, the rush is on.

The book is available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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