Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart

This year, our campus community and society at large saw a major disruption in the way we work, learn, and socialize online. Our homes are more connected than ever. Our businesses are more connected than ever. With more people now working from home, these two internet-connected environments are colliding on a scale we’ve never seen before, introducing a whole new set of potential vulnerabilities that users must be conscious of.

These tips will help to keep your computer and Judson’s network safe.

Keep private data private.

Limit your social footprint.

Be selective about what you post and who you connect with on social media.

Do not interact with unexpected pop-up windows and ads. They can easily install malware and viruses.

Think before you click.

Watch out for suspicious emails and social media posts.

Do use technical and physical safeguards.

Activate anti-virus and password protect all personal and business devices.

Avoid taking sensitive files outside of the office. If you must access confidential data remotely, use a secure server or other IST approved channel like VPN.

Do not allow children, family, or friends to use business devices for personal activities.

Remember to lock up when you leave.

Secure files and lock your computer screen when you walk away.

Vector of Business And Security
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