Turn In Your Global Outreach Application by Next Friday

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The deadline to apply for a 2020/2021 Global Outreach Service Trip is Friday September 18 – 11:59 p.m. All applications must be received by Friday’s deadline. This year’s trips are divided between Spring Break Trips and Post Term Trips. The two Spring Break Trips are to Belize and to the Dominican Republic. The Post Term Trips include Scotland, Peru, South Dakota, and Costa Rica (Women’s Soccer Team Only).

Learn more about the Service Trips: https://www.judsonu.edu/servingtrips/

Get your questions answered through our Face Book Live Interview with students: https://www.facebook.com/JudsonU/videos/3532678920096619/?epa=SEARCH_BOX

Apply for any 2020/2021 Global Outreach Trips online with this link: https://judsonuniversity.managedmissions.com/MissionApplication/PersonSelect/22813

If you have any questions about the trips, contact [email protected]

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