Dining Hall Changes

We have made some changes to how the Dining Hall will function this fall. Due to the need to accommodate the unique needs of each of our students, we will no longer be assigning mealtimes. Instead, we will be providing “Green Boxes” to every student, and then asking that students bring their green box to each meal period. We will allow the first 124 students who arrive at mealtimes to enter the Dining Hall, the rest will need to take their food in their green box to go.

Go Green

The green box program is a one-time purchase program the Dining Hall offers. Used green boxes can be exchanged for a chip, which when presented at the cash register can be exchanged for a clean green box. Please keep in mind that only the first green box will be provided for students. If the box or the chip is lost, the student will be expected to purchase a replacement box at $10/box. This purchase can be made at the cash register outside the Dining Hall. 

For any questions regarding dining, please contact Aubree Flickema at [email protected]

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