Help Us Provide Internships for RISE Students

RISE (Road to Independent Living, Spiritual Formation and Employment): As the name of the program suggests, students in RISE are engaged in experiences that build their “independent living and preparation for a job” muscles. Unfortunately, this year, due to COVID, off-campus internships are limited for our RISE students. Therefore, the RISE team is creatively seeking meaningful internship experiences ON campus for our first-year students. If campus departments have potential student worker opportunities, RISE staff would love to hear from you.

Internships are unpaid and the students typically work in 2-hour shifts/2 days for first year students and 3 days for second-year students a week.  RISE students offer a wide variety of skills, including working with children, taking drone footage, partnering with athletics, cleaning and organizing, alphabetizing, copying and filing, etc.

If you think you might be able to use a student’s gifts or share a student with another department for a few hours a week, please reach out to Caryssa Drenth, RISE Program Vocational Coordinator, at [email protected]. If you know of any local business or organization that would benefit from a RISE student, please let us know.

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