Doris Haugen Retires from Judson

Doris Haugen

Join us as we celebrate Doris Haugen! Doris came to Judson in spring of 2002 and served faithful through her most recent position as our Career Development Coach. Her passion in helping students identify their God-given talents and then aligning those to their career choice has driven Judson’s career services outreach.

Many of you have worked with Doris to polish up a resume, connect with potential employers, refresh your interview skills or choose a major. She was a well-deserving recipient of our Christ Like Servant Award, though we needed to postpone awarding it to her since she was serving a student and missed the award ceremony. Before Doris retired from her position at Judson, she mentored Rachel Hamann for the past year to carry on her good work.

Doris has been a blessing to work alongside. Her faith in Christ is evident as she is always willing to share with you how He is working in and through her life. Our prayer for Doris is that God will continue to pour through her as she serves Him. Though we cannot celebrate Doris’ retirement in person, we can fill her mailbox with cards of appreciation. If you would like to send her a card, please email the registrar’s office to receive her mailing address.

to receive her mailing address.

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