Workplace Health and Safety News for Faculty and Staff

Illinois has released more specific guidance for workplace health and safety related to the Stay At Home Order. They have also released a Restore Illinois plan which sets specific benchmarks for reopening businesses and requires certain safety protocol. Please read the Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines and consider how it impacts your work on campus. Here are key points from the flier that apply to the University:

  • Make sure that you can maintain at least 6 feet of physical separation between yourself and others around you, including your co-workers, students and visitors.
  • Mark with signage or tape 6-foot spacing for employees to maintain appropriate distance from one another for shared areas that serve other employees, students and visitors.
  • Use face coverings for employees, especially when it is not possible to maintain at least 6 feet of space between you and another person. Judson has provided face coverings to essential personnel.
  • Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds or longer and use the single-use paper towels.
  • Provide hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) & sanitizing products for employees, students and visitors.
  • Plant Operations regularly cleans high-touch surfaces including doorknobs, light switches, shared equipment, toilet handles, sink faucets, and clock in/out areas for common areas. Faculty and staff are responsible for cleaning their own office space and computer equipment.
  • At this time, the campus continues to be limited to essential personnel only. Please continue to notify your Vice President and Campus Safety if you are coming to campus periodically. We need to know if other areas on campus are in use to maintain appropriate cleaning protocols.

Judson’s Plant Operations staff is cleaning commonly used areas and has provided hand sanitizer as available to areas currently in use for essential personnel. We are trying to obtain more sanitizer products which are slowly reappearing on the market. We have provided surgical masks to those employees who work near others and did not already have masks. A larger shipment of masks is on the way. If you need supplies, have questions about the safety of your workplace or other suggestions, please contact [email protected].

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