Writing Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 2020 Judson University Writing Award winners. These awards come from Judson’s English Department.

For Creative Writing:
First Place Prose: Maxwell Starcevich, “The Pit.” 
First Place Poetry: Isaiah Robinson, “Man of Letters, Parts 1, 2, and 3.” 
Honorable Mention: Nicolette Dobson, for her play, “Dinner Party.”

For Scholarly Writing:
First Place: Sarah Jenkins, “Dante and the Construction of Hell.” 

Maxwell Starcevich, “The Pit.”  First Place Prose
A wounded man, unable to help a man fallen into a pit, struggles to find the Arbiter who can get him out. Starcevich crafts this intriguing allegorical play with moments of haunting poetry. Maxwell is a senior in the Architecture major and a past winner of a university award for scholarly writing.

Isaiah Robinson, “Man of Letters, Parts 1, 2, and 3.” First Place Poetry
Robinson presents a mesmerizing series of rhymes that dazzle as spoken word, print, or song. Isaiah is a sophomore majoring in Psychology.

Sarah Jenkins, “Dante and the Construction of Hell.” First Place, Scholarly Essay
From Thomas Aquinas to the Franciscan orders, the thirteenth century saw the rise of theological disagreements over how to categorize and rank different sins. Jenkins’ illuminating essay reads Dante’s Inferno as a measured response to these competing frameworks, analyzing the implications of which sins Dante assigns to the nine circles of his Inferno. Sarah is a senior in the Literature major and the first place winner of a Communication Arts Conference scholarship prize for her work on King Lear.

Nicolette Dobson, “Dinner Party.” Honorable Mention
After one year apart, a family gathers for a formal dinner to honor the terms of the late mother’s will. Tensions build around the table, as Pain, Dispute, and Greed serve the food to the guests. Nikki is a senior in Biochemistry.

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