Wellness Center Offers Support

Judson’s Wellness Center has set up a way for students to request a virtual consultation session. This brief conversation with a counselor can help mitigate some of the symptoms you may be experiencing due to these unprecedented times.

Consultations are not a clinical service and do not constitute as mental health treatment or counseling session. Rather, they provide students with the opportunity to speak with a counselor about what is important to them in an informal encounter. We will listen to your concerns, provide support and perspective, as well as possible suggestions for resources.

Simply visit the Wellness Center in MyJudson and follow instructions on how to sign up for the service that is available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Virtual consultations

Wellness Center Blog posts:https://myjudson.judsonu.edu/ICS/Wellness/Wellness_Blog.jnz

Resources related to mental health and  COVID19:   https://myjudson.judsonu.edu/ICS/Wellness/Wellness_Center.jnz

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