Judson Partners with Christian Youth Theater

Judson University is partnering with Christian Youth Theater Chicago to provide academic credit to high school and college students involved with CYT Chicago productions throughout Chicago, Milwaukee and Kenosha. 

This new Judson University/CYT partnership will provide high school juniors and seniors with the ability to earn college credit by enrolling in the CYT Independent Study through Judson’s Prep Program when they participate in a CYT production. Judson students as well as community college students can also earn college credit from Judson by enrolling in the CYT Independent Study as they provide artistic direction for CYT productions as directors, choreographers, set designer and builders or other technical roles needed for a production.

“This new partnership will provide opportunities for high school and college students to earn credit while they participate in something they love to do by being on stage or behind the scenes,” said Bonnie Bienert, a co-founder of CYT Chicago. Bienert, who is also Assistant to the President at Judson University, says she has seen many CYT alumni return to the production company in many leadership and artistic roles. Bienert says her own family is a good example. Her adult daughter Christie Follett returned to CYT Chicago as a choreographer when her children wanted to be part of a CYT production. As a Judson alumnae, Follett demonstrates how Judson’s students and alumni serve in CYT leadership roles for different productions.

Judson and CYT Chicago have a long history of providing resources to one another as they produce quality youth theater in the Chicago area and share a similar Christian worldview. Judson has housed the CYT summer camps on its campus for many years. As a result, CYT participants are familiar with Judson and when it comes time to choose a college, many choose to attend. 

Through this partnership, Judson is able to offer CYT high school students and alumni Spirit Squad scholarships when they enroll full-time at the university. For more information about taking advantage of this new partnership, contact Bonnie Bienert at [email protected].

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