Ways to Help

Students and alumni have been selected for the 2020 Global Outreach Serving Trips. Now they begin the work of building their teams and raising the funds they need to successfully assist the communities they will serve. To support this year’s teams, visit https://projectworldimpact.com/organization/judson-university#groupgive. You can give to an individual or to a team through GroupGIVE.

Support Judson While You Shop – As an important member of the Judson community, we want to inform you of an exciting new way to support Judson every time you shop!

Collaborating with Project World Impact (PWI) to utilize their PWI Swipe tool, our supporters are now able to automatically donate the spare change from their shopping to Judson University. For example, if your grocery purchase was $24.68, the PWI Swipe tool automatically and conveniently rounds your purchase price up to $25.00, and donates $.32 in support of Judson University.

Getting Started:

  1. Go to https://projectworldimpact.com/organization/judson-university#swipe
  2. Click “Start Now”
  3. Add a Funding Account — this is where the total sum of your change will be pulled from at the end of the month.
  4. Add the cards — Linked Accounts — whose purchases you want your change to be donated from.

Your payment information is encrypted and is not stored by, or viewable to, Judson University or Project World Impact. Just shop as you normally would — little by little you’ll help shape lives that shape the world!We are grateful for your support of Judson University.

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