Updates to the Business Affairs Team

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Eder will be leaving his role at Judson University at the end of this month.  Below is an update on how the areas that have reported to Jeff will be reassigned as we go forward.

Jeff Eder, Sarah Skorburg and Walter Lopez

Business Affairs Team
Sarah Skorburg – Interim Vice President for Businessi
Sarah has agreed to serve as the Interim Vice President of Business.  Sarah has been living in England since mid-2018, and she has been working with us as a consultant during that time.  As many of you know, Sarah was married earlier this year. She will continue to reside in England with her husband. Sarah will participate in University Cabinet meetings thanks to technology, and she will be on-campus in the fall for the Trustee meetings.

Walter Lopez – Director of Finance and Accounting
Walter moved into this role earlier in the spring.  Walter will report to Sarah, and he will lead the rest of the Business Affairs staff to include: Accounts Payable Specialist Janice Wightman and Staff Accountant Sarah Kay.  Walter will oversee the financial aspects of our partnerships with the Judson Bookstore (Follett) and Fresh Ideas.  Walter will also serve as a liaison with the Trustee Business Affairs Committee, working with Trustee Laura Gutting and Sarah Skorburg.  Walter will also periodically join us for University Cabinet meetings.

Human Resources and Payroll
Michelle McMurray will report to Executive Assistant to the President and Assistant Secretary to Board of Trustees Tena Robotham.  Tena has previous human resources management experience.  Michelle will continue overseeing the work of Payroll Specialist Theresa Nono and University Adjunct Faculty Coordinator Lori Clark.

Information Systems and Technology
Wendy Nicoski and the IST team will report to Provost and Chief Academic Officer Gillian Stewart-Wells.

Student Accounts
The Student Accounts team will report to Vice President for Student Success and Registrar Ginny Guth.

“I am very confident in each of teams, and I anticipate that we will continue the excellent work that Jeff has led over the past several years.  Each of these teams will remain in their current office locations,” stated Judson President Gene Crume.

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