Gineen Vargas Will Become Program Director for RISE

The RISE team is delighted to announce that Gineen Vargas will be assuming the role of RISE Program Director as of June 1.  Gineen has served the Judson community exceptionally well as Tutor and ADA/504 Compliance Coordinator for the past five years, accommodating students, with a variety of special needs, on the Judson campus.  Prior to this important role, Gineen was the Assistant to the Registrar and Commencement Coordinator and held positions with two Christian preschools and as a Client/Caregiver Manager.  Over the last 2-3 years, Gineen has been a great partner to the RISE Program, sharing information and helping us to assess prospective students for the right “fit” within the Judson community. 

Gineen holds an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and Leadership from Judson and a Master’s of Science degree in Education & Disability from California Baptist University.  She has a strong passion regarding the biblical perspective in the area of disability and education. Gineen is a very active member of Calvary Church of Naperville. When you see her on campus, please wish Gineen continued success in her new and exciting role!

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