Seeking Trusted Listeners, Helpers and Leaders

If you know of students who are trusted listeners, helpers or leaders, please nominate them to serve as a Peer Advocate. We want to train and support these students so they can continue serving other students with confidence. Send your nominations to Sara Brunsting.

Don’t worry, we will train these helpful students with the knowledge, skills, destigmatizing perspectives and connection capabilities to serve others well as a bridge and supplement to the campus Wellness Center. The curriculum used is a Suicide Prevention Resource Center Best Practice and has been featured in the New York Times. After completing the training, students will be recognized as peer advocates and should be able to:       
1. Recognize subtle and significant warning signs of distress in peers     
2. Maintain awareness of the nature of mental health challenges and their impact on a peer’s experience    
3. Confidently bring up concerns about a peer’s well-being in an empathetic and nonjudgmental fashion    
4. Use trained helping skills to maintain a supportive role as a safe place for students in need    
5. Recognize limitations and maintain boundaries that keep them and their fellow students safe   
6. Support a peer’s process of change through connections to appropriate resources    
7. Provide supplementary social support following campus initiatives and awareness campaigns for suicide awareness, sexual assault and substance abuse

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