University Council Initiates Monthly Staff Assembly Meetings

Residential Life staff Aubree Flickema, Rachael Hamann and McKenna Haas

Judson staff are invited to participate in the new Staff Assembly at 11 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 24. This meeting will be held at the same time as the Faculty Assembly and will follow that model of hearing news and announcements from different administrators and departmental leaders. Presenters from the Faculty Assembly will have the ability to easily share the same type of announcement with staff at the Staff Assembly as a way to improve communications and invite more information sharing. The new Staff Assembly will include a time to hear from staff about questions and to invite their ideas for efficiency and ways to serve our students and community.

Staff Assemblies will be held monthly and staff are invited to attend as they are able. This new meeting structure will replace the three-times a year Staff Matters series. 

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