Get Tickets for Judson’s Annual Prayer Breakfast!

Get tickets now for Judson’s Annual Prayer Breakfast taking place May 10, 2024!

Join us for this incredible morning of reflection, prayer, and fellowship, as our keynote speaker, Dr. Ming Wang, world renowned laser eye surgeon, author, and philanthropist, shares his story of perseverance, motivation, and faith.

Growing up in China, Ming fought poverty and hardship. Through his own tenacity and his parents’ tireless efforts to provide a chance of freedom for their son, Ming eventually made his way to America with $50 in his pocket and an American dream in his heart. Against all odds, he would earn a PhD in laser physics, graduate magna cum laude with the highest honors from Harvard Medical School and MIT, and ultimately come to faith in Jesus Christ. The more Ming studied science, the more he realized how little could be fully explained. This emotional and moral crisis lead him to Christianity, the realization that God has a plan for each of us, and that God created this world without contradiction.

Dr. Ming Wang is one of the few laser eye surgeons in the world today who holds a doctorate degree in laser physics. The upcoming film, Sight, is based on Dr. Wang’s autobiography, From Darkness to Sight, and shares of how one man turned fear, poverty, persecution, and prejudice into healing and love for others.

During the breakfast we will also recognize the contributions of one service leader from the community with the D. Ray Wilson Volunteer Service Award, as well as the service efforts of a youth from the Fox Valley area with the Bea Wilson Youth Volunteer Award.  

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