Pre-Finals Game Night Featuring the New Game Monster Capture Race!

Former Judson student Jordan Demoss and his business partners are launching their exciting new board game Monster Capture Race!

Travel around monster island capturing monsters and powering them up while playing as 1 of the 11 unique characters. Each character has two special skill cards and a main ability that helps them gain advantages. The game is won through being the first player to collect 15 victory points or by being the last player standing. Players move around the board capturing monsters for victory points equivalent to that monsters power level. Players will also achieve victory points when one of their monsters deals damage to an opposing player that fails to defend themselves also equal to their monsters level.

Check out the game here!

Join us at HAWAC 221 from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24, and in addition to playing the game, Jerry’s Café will be featuring free specialty drinks that evening. There will also be drawings for Amazon gift cards for game participants.  Students, faculty and staff and board game enthusiast are invited!

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